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Ghayyyath and others?




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Ghayyyath and others?

As every year, there will be many early Prix Ganay (4 years and older – 2,100 meters), this Sunday in Paris Longchamp. Winning a circusman Last year, the first team of the flat season in France can remain under the flag of Britain, with the presence of some Ghayyath.

If, since 2009, only two Peri Jannaei escaped the flag, this 2019 edition may well, as last year (Cracksman), be the right of Colette trained in England. Two-year-old promises, Ghaiyyath has been out of competition for more than 11 months due to health problems, seeing the participation of the Epsom Dressum compromised. It was in Paronglong that he competed in the only race of his year in 3 years, on the occasion of Perry's Prince of Orange. (Group III), where three lengths confirmed its superiority. After that, he did not disappoint his return on April 7, in the Harcourt Award (Group II), where he left the shattered money (3/10). He quickly installed the command that day, and he did, by his big action, a few steps ahead as the last and was approached by his rivals, his rider, William Buick, after even putting his hands about a hundred yards from the post, It sounded. Charlie Appleby, his coach, gave us news about Dubawi's son: "He ran as we expected in the Arkourt award, his preparations were excellent, we were really safe before the race and he confirmed all our hopes, it was only The fifth trip of his career, he has fully recovered since this victory and his preparations for the award for the derogatory was made in the best way, so we expect very good new performance. "Marin Soleil, the second at Prix Harcourt, seems to return to its best level After experiencing a slump. His hopes for revenge on his mad colleague's face are very light, given what we have just seen, and the Intelligent, who has returned six cores to him, is in a hurry for an equal weight this time. The gap was three and a half lengths, but according to the saying "one length, one kilogram," the protege of Fabrice Apt has to finish himself much closer to him. Fourth in the De Triompa award last year, Waldeggest, who has not been seen since finishing fifth in the Hong Kong vase, is making a comeback. More than confirmed at 2,400 meters, we are impatient to see what his behavior will be for his return on 2,100 meters, the distance where he has not occurred since his second place in the "Riders' Club" 2017, where he was widely pre-trained, Marin Sun. This Gannai Award will give us the opportunity to re-examine the research work of the man, who has not really been convinced since her victory in the French derby last June after she was convinced, on three occasions, with a second entry. The Guillaume Award for Ornano (Group B) that will not remain in the history …

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