Saturday , March 6 2021

How Oshmania Dembele put Barça back in his pocket

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Barça and Osmania Dembele are finally on the same wavelength. Always limited to repeated injuries and accused of a healthy lifestyle that does not always match that of a high-level player, the Frenchman has long been a burden for his club, which has not hesitated to put 120 million euros on the table (plus a € 20m bonus) to kidnap him From Borussia Dortmund in the summer of 2017. It seems that this long page is already behind him.

This has been a rarity since his arrival in Catalonia. Dembele has opened five times in the opening XI in his team’s last six games. After the season opener in 2018, this is only his second best series. It’s still inconsistent but he manages to decide it, like at the Copa del Rey on Thursday. When he went into the break against D3, he certainly missed Pendel late in the game, before giving Coles an absolute advantage in overtime.

The locker room is pleased with his behavior

His six goals in all competitions this season are undoubtedly still a bit tight for a player of this diameter, but at Barça we are starting to salute his attitude. “Ousmane Dembélé changed” Noises the everyday sport, Referring to the indistinguishability in the locker room regarding the world champion. From now on, the player trained at the Stade Renaiss shows more professional behavior inside the club, as outside.

It is said to be much more applied in training. He also devotes more time to preparing himself physically by performing small exercises in the gym that prevent injuries, which so often bothered him at FC Barcelona (twelve injuries, including nine muscles and two surgeries). This rigor and listening to the advice of the technical staff offer him a certain physical respite. At Ciutat Esportiva, optimism is now in order.

The media even compares this change to that of Messi around the age of 20. Too often injured, the Argentine focused on work in training and changed his eating habits. The confidence given by Ronald Koeman is unrelated to these changes, nor is the maturity of a player who may finally take the floor they had been hoping for for three and a half years. It depends on him to find the continuity to Barça’s greatest happiness and why not of the French national team.

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