Wednesday , February 24 2021

"It's a disaster" – LACTUACHO.COM

Former Secretary General of the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Planning, Paula Keen, and the national coordinator of the Diam Ak Hwol party, who received the "Gui Amami Gui" at his home, located in Maristes, launched this Wednesday, November 14, Mackey, he says, glitters.

"It's a disaster, Senegal has to stand in line as one man to put the Maquis Sul out, he destroyed this country with these people, slaughtered the economy and democracy." The remarks were made by Ngoda Kane on Wednesday, November 14, 2018, when he received from his mother from Goa, as part of his continued visit to the opposition leaders to exchange, share and reflect on how to secure the presidential election of February 24, 2019, to prevent what happened during the election will be repeated .

"I am a Gui man of land, he is a brave man who not only knows the right, but he understands it," he said. Before adding: "I am totally subservient to the idea that he has come, about securing the presidential election." Which must be done on two levels. This is the security of the voting places in the responsibility of the state, which must invite the army, the police and the gendarmerie to ensure the safety of property, people in the polls. The second element, he says, is the security of the information from the surveys. "It's time for Macky Sal to leave," he said. And that the protection of the Senegalese is a "mistake" that "massacred Senegalese democracy."

Later on in the parade, the coordinator of the Dame party told anyone who wanted to hear that "Mackie is one of the poorest presidents in Africa" ​​and that the candidates are financially, physically and morally exhausted by sponsorship, creating all the conditions that will allow him to be reelected. "If we do not take care to put a device, like that proposed by Me Mame Earth Gueye, we will have problems," he warns, pointing out that "the administration of Mackey Sal is the worst administration." Me Mame Earth Gueye, speaking, said that the file was published, is a farce of the country. And asks Senegal to fight to recover their biometric IDs. "We are facing an attack against democracy in the execution, and we are not going to let it go, this is the future of our democracy which is the legacy that is in question," he said. According to him, this coercion will not pass and "our wealth is not gas or oil, but social peace and social stability." The latter also revealed that he would never pledge allegiance to this government, although the outgoing president spent a lot of money for the latest generation equipment to oversee the riots gained in Turkey. "His republican duty is to ensure normal conduct, confidence in the vote and to put down republican neutrality," he said against the head of state.

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