Thursday , October 6 2022

JCC: Grant for Development Assistance awarded to Alessan S.


Alessana Si, the Senegalese director wins, as part of the film Cartega Films Days (JCC), a grant of development assistance in the amount of € 5,000, more than 3 million CFA francs, for his next feature film entitled "Moulay".

This award was awarded on Wednesday in the context of the network workshop "Chabaka" of the 29th meeting of Cartega Film Days (Jcc).

In total, three projects were awarded at this time out of the ten presented. This "prejudice" by director Hadi Traura of Burkina Faso, Blood Carnival and Honey (Mohammed Siam from Egypt) and "Moulaye" of Sy Alassane,

The film "Moulaye," the first feature film by Alessan C, tells the story of a young wrestler who was forced to take responsibility for honoring his community and protecting his family after the death of his elder brother Alright.

Clarence Delgado, a jury member, said after the results were submitted that "the originality, potential and popularity" of the submitted projects were the criteria for jury selection.

An article by Italian critic and journalist Beatrice Fiorentino, Moroccan director Hakim Balabes and Senegal Clarence Delgado, the jury hopes that the "Moulay" project will become a "popular film."

He recommended the young Senegalese director and his producer Ayala Sai, who was present in Tunis, to expand their subject to the ECOWAS countries, where a struggle is underway to reach them during the film's distribution.

Baile Si, pleased with this scholarship, says she has taken note of this advice. "This proposal was taken into account that is done by experienced professionals," he said.

According to the director, his son is mostly like the story of a young man trying to be a man.

He has already received written help about a month ago at Ouaga Lab in Burkina Faso, and support for the Namur Film Festival in Belgium.


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