Sunday , June 26 2022

Kaulak: 46 canoes from the Salum Islands arrive in State Bay


Kaolack, October 17 (APS) – A total of 46 canoes carrying more than 200 people from the Salom Islands to the town of Kaolak (center) on Sunday joined the Medina Baye gamou, APS has learned.

The Gamu, held in this religious city in the city of Kaulak, in central Senegal, is an annual event to mark the anniversary of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad (PSL). The 2021 edition is scheduled for Monday.

On the occasion of this religious event, Muslim loyalists from Senegal, from a number of sub-regions and other continents, State Bay Assembly, a city built by Sheikh al-Islam guide to the DJ Ibrahima Nias, an important final figure. Senegalese who enjoy a large crowd beyond Senegal.

” In the Salum Islands, we have 20 inhabited islands. Today, 46 canoes made the trip with boats of more than 200 people in order to reach the State Bay and pay homage to Chich Ibrahima Nias, “confirmed the president of the Pyongyon Department’s Jamiato Ansrodin ‘Issa.

“Jamiato Ansrodin” is an organization that unites the loyalists of Sheikh al-Islam al-Hadji Ibrahima Nias around the world.

These canoes from the Salum Islands were received at the port of Kaulak by the religious and political authorities in the city.

Before independence, it was extremely difficult to reach the Salom Islands. But, in spite of everything, Sheikh Ibrahima Nias conquered the sea to find this population at home and convert it to Islam, “Issa Ba recalled.

And he explained, “This population there, in return, to pay homage to their rabble, preferred to go the same way that Sheikh Ibrahimah Nias did.”

“The residents of the Salom Islands want to show their gratitude to Chich Ibrahimah Nias,” Issa Ba added.

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