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Ligue 2 (J15): Metz provides the minimum against Gazélec


Ousmane Dembélé would like to leave Barcelona, ​​Keita Baldé was interested in some Premier League teams, and Eden Hazzard talks about her future … Here is our mercato newsletter of the day:

Ousmane Dembélé would decide to leave Barca!

Despite the current commitment until June 2022 with Barcelona, ​​international international singer Osman Dembel (21 years) could take advantage of the next period of change to pack his bags. According to the information of our colleagues from Purpose, The former player of Ren Dortmund was expressed the desire to rise under other skies from the next winter Mercato.

Was raised last year at 115 million euros (without grants). A native of Amako was not flourishing alongside Lionel Messi's teammates, and the blograna was not planning to keep too much, especially because of lack of professionalism. >> Osman Dembélé confirmed

Author of five goals in the league season (+ decisive ruling), Vernon native can count on the interests of some teams in the Premier League. Liverpool's Jurgen Klop will be particularly attentive to the position of world champion, but another track could lead to Paris Saint-Germain.

The Premier League is keen on Keita Baldé

Currently loaned with an option to buy at Inter Milan, international striker Sanglos Keita Baldé (23, Monaco) has been reported by some Premier League teams. While Nerazzurri will not be sure to keep it, the former player of Lazio Roma interest includes Wolverhampton.

Under contract until June 2022 with ASM, native Arbccies could be the subject of Mercato's winter attack, but the formation managed by Nono Espírito Santo will not be the only one in the ranks.

Believe the information of our colleagues TMWWest Ham can also come up with one recommended by Roberto Calanda. To repay him in the form of a loan, it will exceed five million euros, but his performance on Saturday night (doubled against Frosinone) could allow him to extend his stay in Lombardy.

Tsi: A hazard closes the door for leaving in the winter

Will Eden Hazzard join Real Madrid? This is the question everyone is asking in England and Spain as Florentino Perez is looking for a new Belgian-focused galactic. Lasi's finger has only one year of contract and has yet to expand with the Blues despite the desire of Mauricio Sari published since his arrival in London.

Guest on the set of football club Last Monday, Hazzard repeated these rumors. "Now, as I said, I'm focusing on the Leslie," he said. I still have one year of contract after the year. will see. "

One thing is certain, the semifinalist of the last World Cup will not leave the club he joined in 2012 in the winter it is as the Spanish press announced.

Manchester City: Mengele, Italy?

According to some reports of the Italian press, Inter Milan was not abandoned the leading route to the French international defender Elyakim Mengele (27 years, Manchester City). Under contract until June 2019, the former Porto FC will remain closely followed by Nerazzurri, we have learned in the columns of Tuttosport.

In the absence of playing time among the citizens (this season's appearance in the Premier League), the Habs was supposed to be part of the Brazilian team, which could pack their bags in the coming months.

Barca: Vardi Alba takes care of his future

Arrived in 2012 in Barcelona, ​​Jordi Alba quickly became one of the strongest of the Catalan club where he was trained before making the happiness of Valencia. Back by the big door, the Spanish international quickly disgusted his competitors if Adriano or Dina Lucas.

But without question, this does not seem to be one of his administration's priorities for extending a contract. "I have no news, he admitted after the match against Madrid's Atlético (1-1) .I do not know what the club thinks of me and it's strange that there is not much time left in my contract."

Linked up to 2020 with Blaugrana, Jordi Alba would definitely want to sign a big contract last while he hits his 30th birthday in March 2019.

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