Tuesday , May 11 2021

Martin is bidding with Boxed Enki Bilal and Hergé

Martin, A young star of children's literature, Saturday won a big success at auction with a special mention for Gouache that yielded almost 50,000 euros at the auction which also included paintings by masters of comics like Hergé, Bilal, Maurice or Francine.

27 The original drawings by illustrator Marcel Marlier (Gouache on paper) from various adventures of Martin (Martin Fair, Mountains, At sea…) a total of 559 thousand euros, five times the estimate, said Artcurial House. First offered at auction, all paintings were sold, 3/4 to foreign collectors.

"It really corrects Martin's reputation in the art market, confirming the great talent of designer Marcelle Marlier and that Martin has marked the spirits for several generations," says Eric Leroy, an expert on artcurial comics.

"The most famous images were the most controversial, such as Martin's gouache, a small opera rat, which flew to 48,100 euros," or 12 times its estimate, according to the auction house. Martin Camping, Estimated between 4,000 and 6,000 euros, receiving 33,800 euros.

"Enki Bilal confirms the interests of collectors"

But this Designer Anki Bilal Which comes in the highest price of sale: the board of directors Woman Trap / Went to 149,500 euros, and doubled her estimate.

Gouache and pastel To die from the light of Berlin Awarded 62,400 euros (for a high estimate to 55,000 euros). The cover of the new edition of the album End of the century – hunting side /, To be published in 2019 in Casterman, receives 71,500 euros.

"Enki Bilal largely endorses the interests of collectors, we are really at a constant price, which is a very big sign to confirm year after year at similar prices," promises Eric Leroy.

130,000 Euros for Coca Cola Stock

Registered safe entries, sketch of the 56th album of the album Tintin Coke In Stock, Made in 1955 by Hergé, sold 130 thousand euros (estimated: 100,000-130 thousand euros). The board (55 x 36.40 cm), where you can see a torpedo only avoid the cargo ship aboard which Tintin and Hadock, signed and signed by Hergé with the date June 1972.

Among other works of the creator of the Tintin For sale, colored lithograph (101.90 x 71.20 cm) from the album We walked on the moon Sold 46,800 euros, 3 times the estimate. signed Erez & Co., This lithography is dedicated by one of the astronauts of each moon mission of the Apollo program.

The sale, in which 180 plots of land were offered for sale, Frankin And again Hugo Pratt, Amounted to almost 2 million euros (including costs), said Artcurial.

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