Friday , June 18 2021

McKee Basket wants a final settlement of the conflict at Twiford

Decker, April 28 (APS) – The head of state on Wednesday called on Labor Minister Samba C. to “take action” in the dispute at the Twiford tile manufacturing plant, with the aim of finally resolving the dispute between the company’s management and employees.

Twenty-five company employees, including five team representatives, were arrested on Monday and Tuesday following demonstrations on the way to Cindia, the town where Twiford is located.

Workers are demanding better working conditions from plant management and condemning unfair dismissals.

During the Council of Ministers on Wednesday, the head of state “returned to the social situation” prevailing in this enterprise, “the result of heavy investment in high labor intensity, which also contributes to our industrialization efforts.”

According to the press release from the Council of Ministers, McKee Sal asked the Labor Minister to “take the case to a final settlement of the conflict between the workers and the company’s management.”

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