Tuesday , August 9 2022

Mirova wants to double its assets by 5 years to reach 20 billion euros


The first management company dedicated to responsible investment when it was created 5 years ago,
Mirova puts the financing of a sustainable economy at the heart of its management strategies
Reconcile financial performance with environmental and social impact.

The sustainable financing market has shown a real increase in recent years
Years, driven by demand for investors and encouraged by regulation. In COP 21 b
2015, financial players understand the role they can play in the fight against change
The climate. Since then, the establishment of a regulation that promotes green financing has allowed the market
To open, so a combination of so-called "ESG" criteria gradually becomes the norm.

Mirova was able to register as a pioneering player and a benchmark player in the field
"Conviction" (a leader in the solidarity market financial management[1], The launch of the fourth generation of dedicated funds renewable energies, support of the green market
Hedge and launch of designated funds) and the deployment of the SRI approach in all classes
Based on a solid team of non-financial analysts. Convinced of the need
To create an impact and demonstrate it, Mirova was also one of the first companies
Define specific indicators such as the impact of carbon, or the effect of employment, to measure
The real impact of its investments. The company is the only display today, all over
Her bags, the carbon footprint of 2 ° C.

In a market which opens up to a great extent until the challenges of tomorrow, Mirova's location has
To convince more and more investors: of 3.6 billion euros in December 2013, assets under
Management increased to 10.2 billion euros at the end of September 2018.

In 5 years, Mirova has experienced strong growth in all of its strategies: expertises the dollar
And the stock now account for nearly 2/3 of assets under management, or 7 billion euros,
Infrastructure accounts for nearly 1/3, or 2.9 billion assets under management. Expertise devoted to capital
Natural was launched in 2017 and consolidated with the acquisition of Althelia Ecosphère.

"We are proud to post such strong growth since 2013", Says Anne Lawrence
Rocher, vice president of Meruba, who is in charge of development, "This is a good illustration
Our ability to offer efficient and sustainable investment solutions. "
The company is
He also spreads outside the borders of the French: Mirabe created controversy in the United States
in the UK.

According to this strong momentum, Miruba's ambition is to double its assets over the next five years. Company
EUR 20 billion, with the strengthening of its position with institutional customers
Further development in retail customer segment and management consulting
Thanks to legacy and new proposals dedicated. "We are convinced that one of the main issues
Today is the ability to target household savings towards sustainable financing "
, He says
Philip Zavati, CEO of Mirova. "It meets both funding needs,
But also a growing demand from savers: it is essential to offer to individuals
High quality products, and reflect their impact. "

Mirova plans to explore new areas of investment impact, such as biodiversity
human capital.

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