Thursday , August 18 2022

Nearly 12,000 students received scholarships or assistance in 2018 (Minister)


Decker, November 26 (APS) – A total of 119,477 students benefited from a scholarship or assistance in 2018, yesterday, Dakar, Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, Mary Ngu Teuw.

At the national level, "94,061 students benefited from public scholarship, 4160 in the private sector and 27,749 received assistance," he said during an examination of his ministry's budget for the fiscal year 2019.

According to Mary Teuw Nian, students with disabilities receive a scholarship "as soon as they apply."

In addition, a "special scholarship" is given to all blind students who received a foreign prescription, subject to timely submission of the application, said Nian.

According to the Minister of Higher Education, there is also the issue of housing occupies a "preferential place" in the social policy of his department.

He also said that the ability of the University of Chongqing Anta Diop (UCAD) has doubled. "From 2012 to 2018, 5800 beds were available to the university," said Mary Teuw Nian.

He also recalled the restoration of several amphitheaters and buildings, as well as the "revaluation of a high school teacher's retirement pension," among the activities of his department.

"Now, a retired university professor gets 70% of his last salary," he said, signaling the establishment of a solidarity fund for higher education to improve the situation of retired teachers.

As for the integration of graduates, Mary Teuw Niane said that between 2013 and 2018, 265 new professional streams have been created.

In addition to creating an incubator in each university, the Ministry of Higher Education established the Youth Entrepreneurship Program (PSEJ) dedicated to holders of the "Bac +2 and above" certificate.

As for the debt imposed on higher private institutions, he assures that out of the 16 billion that the state owes to these structures, "3 billion were paid, 3 others will be transferred in the next few days to return it to 10 billion dollars." Frankie CFA.

He also mentioned an "open dialogue" with heads of private institutions, especially because he believes both sides find their account as a connecting partnership.

In this regard, he said that since 2014, the state has paid "more than 31 billion USD" CFA francs to private universities. He promised to give the parliament details of these payments.

The minister called upon heads of private higher education institutions to show understanding, to return to the level of return of students whose state pays tuition.

He found that 47,427 first-degree graduates were referred to private higher education institutions between 2013 and 2018.

The state pays "for all undergraduate students, an amount of 400,000 CFA franc per year," he said, adding that only 10% of these students with a master's degree are selected. At what stage each student is supported up to 600,000 CFA franc per year per student.

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