Wednesday , March 3 2021

New provisions for struggle: the recommendations of the meter came

Following the renewal of the head of the World Zionist Organization, President Elyon Sar and the new Steering Committee, they will have to comply with the roadmap drawn by the Minister of Sport. Obviously, the meter came Cng recommends some arrangements to take a good walk of the fight with strikes.

"Establishing a federation in the medium term"
First, with reference to the action of this expanded NCG, it is recommended "holding a general meeting of information, the establishment of Crg and the Federation in the medium term."

Reducing sanctions from 15% to 10%, release and repair
What about the regulatory application that made a lot of ink? In this particular case, planned to reduce the financial penalties from 15% to 10%, as the minister wanted. On the other hand, there is innovation about output. Two proposals were proposed with the name "forced exit" and "directed exit", which will be approved.
Guardianship has not forgotten the social aspect. Under this chapter, she wants the creation of mutual wrestlers. Finally, for the National Arena, the expenses of developers will be minimized. Access will also be easier for old glory who will be my reserved area. From the security standpoint, a police station is planned and the security forces will be disengaged from installing an external gate.
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