Saturday , October 16 2021

November 30, due date

The alert is from the National Union of Consumers of Senegal (UNCS) on a large administrative measures which the upcoming implementation of " Will cause a lot of disruption and create problems of resizable size "It is a decision that the old old scanned maps, which are still in circulation, will reach its limit of validity on 30 November 2018, the deadline.

Therefore, warns the Uncs, any citizen who will display a national identity card digitized (ie by the old card) for sending or withdrawal of money in financial institutions (bank, post, establishing micro funds) to Sonatel (for identification) etc. .., will be rejected the requested service, without the need for repeats, warns the Uncs in the message received Seneweb.

Therefore, it explicitly requests all citizens, especially those of the most disadvantaged social classes, who are most vulnerable, to register as soon as possible, to register at police stations and police stations in their communities, to avoid any inconvenience they may encounter on 30 November 2018, The new Cedeao biometric ID card.

However, with all reservations regarding the possible harm to civilians unaware of this step, due to its low circulation, the Uncs of the Ministry of the Interior is asking to examine the possibility of granting an extraordinary extension to be determined from the date of the deposit recorded for the new card and will appear on the receipt …


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