Tuesday , May 11 2021

Ordering a new water supply system in Dakar (SONES)

The installation of North Korea's (North) water treatment and water purification plant completed a new water supply system in Dakar Saturday, announced the National Company of Water Utilization of Senegal (SONES).

The installation of this new system will significantly increase the production capacity of Kure Momar Sarr Water Treatment Pumping Plant in the Luga area, he said.

"This demonstrates the removal of the Y-shaped part and its replacement in the form of an additional T with larger balloons that can double the production capacity," said Abdul Niang, technical coordinator of the works.

The plant production capacity of Keur Momar Sarr will be strengthened with the installation of three additional balloons and three balloons, while the infrastructure was only three until then, he said after the launch. Operation of the new power system.

The sudden discontinuation of the production of this plant after a technical failure in 10 days led to an unprecedented water shortage in Dakar and in urban centers whose drinking water supply depends on the water treatment unit taken from Lake Geiris.

"At the end of this crisis, a diagnosis was made seven recommended steps, five were made.The other two are running.I was able to measure the delicacy of the works, but it was essential to get them," said Abdul Niang.

Recent achievements are the stages of a global vision that reflect structural and sustainable solutions to diversify the supply and water sources of Decker and urban centers, Remez.

According to him, the success of this technical challenge will help ensure the water supply of the Dakar. The Karmar plant produces 130,000 cubic meters per day, about 35% of the capital needs.


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