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Quinte + Prix de Provence, Sunday at St. Cloud. BO PAPA like last year?


Quinte + Sun at St. Cloud with Disability Distributed (ref +19,5 +20), level 2 level over 2400 meters, for whole horses, geldings and lifts of 4 years or more. The land was declared very heavy (5.4) The winner of this event last year, BO PAPA (Our picture) where his title play.

8 BO PAPA : He won this disability last year. His last trip is encouraging and he is an expert on a heavy field. At about 37, he has his first chance.

7 Fast : Third of this breed in 2018, this resident of Nicolas Calary He deserves great credit, especially since his three attempts since the beginning of the year are satisfactory.

15 : Not located last, it's better than that and can be redeemed here. He was the second with this disability last year, enjoying the heavy ground and carrying good training votes.

Delvini : He's already won the race race of San Cloud and does well in quiet tracks. While there are only five breeds in its credit, it is important to be careful of this resident'sAllan de Roer Dupre, Certainly still very perfect.

2 Momo : Winner of the Quinté + From 10 November last in Toulouse, a sticky field, a 5-year welding remains in fourth place encouraged in the quinté of February 25 Borse Marseille. He has his rating for a good rating.

5 by Cube : Considering his success at Quinté + 21 October Chantilly and the third place on 10 November in Toulouse, his luck marked this handicap, though making his return. The distance and location of the land shall be at its sole discretion.

Only formal : This is the winner of the Quinté + of 25 February in Marseille Borle. Although it is about 3 pounds on the scale values, this 5-year-old male still has the means to succeed because his form is safe and the ability to land certain heavy.

10 Difficult conversation : In his last six methods, this 5 year welding has got a victory, four places third and one fifth place. It has often run well on the St. Cloud route and has references in a very heavy area. It is an outsider.

In case of non-exit : 1 SMART WHIP

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