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Ran: Ben Arfa looks after my shoulder

After Rennes won the Copa de France final, the former Paris president, in the conflict with the PSG Prud, accused his former president, Nasser al-Halfi.

Hatem Ben Arfa

"In contrast to the president, in life, you must not underestimate your opponent, because one day he returns … We must always respect the person. When we respect the person, it goes well. When you do not respect the person, at some point, you pay for it. And tonight (Saturday), I think it's a big disappointment for the entire club (PSG)."

The 32-year-old explained his thoughts:I'm not talking about PSG. It's a PSG club, I love it a lot, I've always loved it since I was little. I'm talking about the Mossad, which runs it, because it was very difficult. And I think that one day, Adrian Reut, he will come back with a group, and he will hurt them, because this is life. When you give the wrong, you get the wrong. We must respect man."

Hatem Ben Arfa concluded his remarks about his personal feelings:It's quite special because it was complicated. These are the lessons in life that you learn every day. When we remain silent, patient, we suffer the storms, one day, we are rewarded. I was very emotional tonight (Saturday) because I suffered a lot and was rewarded. I'm really happy about myself and everyone."

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