Monday , June 27 2022

Saint-louis jazz 2019 – Concert of the National Jazz Orchestra of Senegal: then folklore on the menu


Music is a business of professionals. It was necessary to be in a place where Fiederba would understand. Then the National Orchestra proved that the gospel was then born in Africa and nothing prevents Africans from mixing their music. From updated music classics to the promotion of young talents, the National Orchestra just did the trick!

Then the National Orchestra played its part in the International Festival in St. Louis. On the second day, this group, composed mainly of experienced musicians, offered the House then folklore with local artists as guests. Unlike the Mauritanians, is a leap into the past and opened in the future because the National Orchestra plunged the public. Who needs to mention is sometimes torn by so many foreign voices. Sometimes, in a small bluffer, no one will be upset. That's what the National Orchestra understood so well. From Manga to Masala Sisa, the classics were dusty against the backdrop of the joy of purists and progressives. After these few songs, the National Orchestra shared the stage with Mama Siddo and a ceremony among other young talents. This is the return of a workshop of 4 days! The result is simply beautiful.
In the fusion of traditional and modern instruments, it is a classic worthy of its name that is presented to the public. This had been carefully prepared long before that. The first is from the young mother Fluffy who pays tribute to the missing Senegalese musicians, Khabane Diop, Edward Valfroi, Habib Fay among others, she will be replaced on stage by a young ceremony in a more enjoyable style before Sadio mother does not heat the place in a more folkloric style.
And all this lasted only half an hour. The positive sanction was read on viewers' faces.

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