Friday , May 14 2021

Scor: The risks of work

Because a risk assessment expert knows how to control those of his general meeting, it will not surprise anyone. From this point of view, Dennis Kessler did not disappoint. OK,
CEO of Scor comes out Menachem

Of the most dangerous GA of the season. But the result is less caricature than the victory announcements released on both sides.

The reinsurer welcomes " The opposition "From its shareholders" t
Of stability After last year's rejection of the proposal of its largest shareholder, the mutual insurer Covéa, while its main opponent, CIAM, one of the foundations of some active Frenchmen, judges CEO " On stay ". in fact,
The most violent economic thriller in Paris

For a long time paradoxically becomes a fairly balanced exercise of counter forces.

The novelty of 84.7% of the main director's voice, Augustine de Romant, was thus renewed to almost all the votes outside CIAM and Covéa were equally questionable by rejecting a 10% to 14% offer below the core value of the group, The process, officially launched, of Dennis Kessler's succession.

Trust does not rule out the Leninist formula, a 45.5 percent shareholder dispute over the CEO's remuneration, which exceeds the threshold of 30 percent that is generally considered a warning threshold (including excluding Covéa votes), risk-aversion risks can not be ignored. ..


After the general assembly on Friday, Dennis Kessler, sixty-seven, said his successor's name would be known in September 2020, nine months before his term ended. The Articles of Association set a age limit of 70 years for the tenure of the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

According to Proxinvest, one of the three consulting firms that voted with ESS and Glos Lewis, who voted against Scour's CEO, this one (all included) is 140% above the median of those of SBF leaders 120 and 39 Over and above those of the CAC 40 (a measure to which the review does not belong.) Outside Covéa, approximately 37% of the shareholders vote against his 2018 compensation and against the compensation policy for 2019.

As the largest shareholder in the survey, Covéa holds 8.15% of its capital and constitutes 11.6% of the votes of the General Meeting. CIAM holds only 1% of the capital.

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