Saturday , April 17 2021

Stade Rennais – OGC Nice: Should Ren carry out its tactical revolution?

It will not be avoided from the reference, Stade Renaiss is one of the teams that monopolized the ball the most in France, and even in Europe this season. In Ligue 1, only Paris (63.8%) has a higher holding percentage than Ren (60.8%). in Europe, Ren is ranked 9th in this statistical category among the teams of the five major championships. A tactical project is clear, but asks that the Reds and Blacks struggle to get the fruits out. Tenth attack in the 1st division, the offensive performance of the Stade Ranes is today not in control of the ball. What to think about a change of plan against Nice this coming Friday night at Roachon Park? Not sure.

I’m not sure we’re a team that can excel at shortcomings. Julian Stefan

While Ren has recently seen her defense once again broken in the defensive transition, since during the first results crisis of the fall, the temptation to retreat against a better opponent exists. But for Julian Stefan, there is nothing clear that changes the philosophy: “We were able to create opportunities by taking the game ourselves. So why play against if we can do it? I’m not sure we’re a team that can excel at shortcomings, I’m not convinced. But a good team must be able to develop in a few impressions, so we try to deal with it on a daily basis.

Do not match player profiles for the counter-attack?

As far as coach Ren is concerned, this choice to prefer possession over quick passes stems from the profiles of his players: “To be a counter team, you need a few things: first have the ability to defend very long and very low in order to radiate yourself and then, then get that ability to radiate over long races. You need to have these characteristics. We had them for example two years ago, especially with an actor like Ismaila Saar and a relationship that was different. We may have less of these characteristics today. It is less compatible with the profile of the players, but with all this we are also able to deal with the sequences.“The technician takes for example the end of the game at Saint-Etienne where Ren have scored their last two goals in quick passes to the front.

The profiles of current Ren players actually tend to prefer more patient attacks. Steven Nazonzi, arguably the best player in the Stade Renaiss, almost forces the squad to prefer this style of play, Even if the world champion has sometimes proven that his predictions with the ball to the foot could endanger the opponent.

Open the result to better counter-attacks

At a news conference, Julian Stefan pointed to two additional difficulties that sometimes prevent Marin from changing plans. First of all, the fact that today the Stade Raines have changed status and that the teams naturally leave the ball to them. The second is the inability to open the brand for several months. In its last 23 games, Ren has only opened the scoring five times, leaving its opponent to score the first goal sixteen times at the same interval, for two 0-0 draws. (In front of Nantes and lens). In the previous nine meetings, Ren has opened the scoring six times, which was a great series for the Rouge and Noir (four wins, four draws, one loss).

This is important data, Nods Julian Stefan. This is a reality, so we regret the game in Montpellier that we did not validate our first quarter of an hour, because then the dynamics of the game are completely different. It forces our opponent to come out more, take more risks, and we need to take them now. Much more than we were.“In Nice at the beginning of December, the Renaissance opened the scoring, and chose to leave the ball to the opponent. One of the rare games of the first division in which they had less than 50% of the holding, to win. 1-0 over Cote d’Azur A victory that also put an end to a negative spiral. Did he repeat himself on Friday night against Nice?

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