Sunday , May 16 2021

"That Salif and Sadio returns because he wants the independence of Casamance is not new … However, we do not share his idea!"

President of the Resistance Group for Peace in Kazemans, Robert Sagna, is not surprised by Salif Siddio's re-completion of his struggle to turn Kazans into an independent state.
The guest of the grand jury of this Sunday also looked, "smile at the edge of the lips," to say that nothing has changed in her positions. "We have known this for a long time, it has not changed, it has not changed, it is not a new element, it reiterates that it wants the independence of Kasmans is not new," he says of the rebel leader. "He is not the only leader of the movement, there is the armed wing and the civilian wing." "

Robert Sagna, who did not fail Salif Siddiqui's attacks, would shrink, noting that it was because he did not share the same ideas. "We are not separatists, we are the sons of Casamançais, we will not share the same opinions as he does, we have the right to oppose ideas that do not look good to Kazamans." "

As for the dialogue that will lead to peace, Robert Sagna believes he has made significant progress, mainly thanks to the opening of the region with the existence of "three boats crossing it and four flights a day that link him more closely to the rest of Senegal."

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