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The best number 9 in the world by Shmuel Eto'o

Twelve months for the rhythm of the round ball! Many Senegalese players bristled brightly throughout 2018. At four corners of the "old continent", they wore the country's high colors of The Lions Taranga By chaining the performance of a high fly. The moment seems appropriate to you, loyal friends ofOrange Football Club /, To honor our worthy ambassadors in Europe by appointing the best Senegalese player of the year among the following three candidates:

1) Silio Mane (26 – Liverpool, 51 appearances and 23 goals in 2018)

The frantic, fearless fighting, the Mano silio, with all its claws outside, would symbolize, almost perfectly, the image of Aryeh Taranga in the past 12 months.

One of the 30 candidates for the 2018 Ballon d'Or, the Liverpool striker striker keeps scoring in the reds. A great artist in his candidacy for the final club of UEFA LDC, he found the net in 10 opportunities in C1, and made Senegal the most prolific in the history of the Champions League.

Leading his country to the historic qualification of the 2018 World Cup, Captain Lyons managed to find the net on the world soccer mass against Japan (2.2).

Never satisfied, the wisp started the 2018/2019 exercise on a run with six goals in his first appearances 11. Anfield's loved ones became the seventh African player in history to reach the symbolic mark of the 50 Premier League goals. Simply outstanding!

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2) Ismaïla Sarr (20 years – Stade Rennais, 44 appearances and 10 goals in 2018)

The great revelation of 2018 in French Ligue 1, the young Senegalese prodigy of Stade Rennais, Ismaïla Sarr, never ceased to impress observers. True poison for contrasting defenses, its dribbling, speed, tapping and technique, combined with rare elegance, has been a pleasure for Lions and SRFC fans over the last 12 months.

Brilliant World Cup final World Cup, the former resident of the generation leg-winning only 20 years as a key factor in the work force of Alice Cisse.

The author of the beginning of the exercise 2018/2019 Thunder, the Senegal turned the punch already made powder talk 4 times in his first 11 starts of the season.

3) Kalidou Koulibaly (27 years – Naples, 47 performances in 2018)

"Koulibaly is now the best defender in the world, and the only one who approaches him is Serge Ramos, whom I think is physically inferior." This exhilarating compliment, signed by the illustrious Maradona, sums up the extraordinary performance of the defense rock of the Lions and Naples over the past twelve months.

Undefeated by the powerful, tactical bears, endowed with perfect charisma, the rock of 27 years contributed greatly to the brilliant qualification of his choice for the 2018 World Cup.

Also leading his club to second place in Serie A in the last season, Colibli continues to impress so much that many believe that Naples is becoming too small for the central defender.

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