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Triumph launches well in the adventure of electric motorcycles



For a long time, rumors that the British brand Triumph was developing electric motorcycle fuel the Internet. The information is now made official by CEO Nick Blur.

A famous manufacturer of motorcycles, triumph Has been putting a lot of attention in recent months on the development of electric motorcycle. In February 2019, a first survey sent to the community already mentioned the potential existence of electric motorcycle, before the patent came to strengthen our suspicions a month later. It was then a question of electric trident, no longer a scam.

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So many questions that the SEO firm across the channel has scattered. "The Triumph TE-1 project is part of our strategy for electric motorcycles and seeks to meet the wishes and expectations of bikers traveling on Triumph, that is, a perfect balance between maneuverability, performance and ease of use.We can read columns of the news engine cycle.

To do this, the group has surrounded itself with prestigious partners such as Williams Advanced Engineering, Integral Powertrain, an electrical expert at Warwick University but also the UK Government through Innovation UK, the UK's innovation agency. The current state of the project is to develop "Battery Technology and Engines", We can also call Electrek.

TE-1, two years ahead

Here, Triumph initially plans to focus on electric powertrain. In other words, what is under the hood, not on the hood. But the company's main ambition is to produce a complete model at home, from batteries to motors and design. Starting from scratch, the TE-1 project has two years to go to a finished product.

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