Saturday , April 17 2021

Tuba: Professional activists Ousmane Sonko arrested

Tuba City Special Police Station on Friday arrested pro-activists Ousmane Sonko, including parliamentary immunity.

The people arrested are Mam Dam Lou and Beda Nadey, according to the party coordinator who spoke with the RPM.

Parliamentary immunity

Osmana Sonko’s parliamentary immunity was lifted this Friday, around 2pm, after two hours of heated debates in the plenum. Opposition and non-opposition representatives left the musical before the vote. A total of 98 deputies voted one against and two abstained.

Oshmani Sonko

From now on, the political rival and leader of the Festaf / Les Patriots party accused of rape is no longer protected by his parliamentary status. However, he continues to condemn a political conspiracy and has already announced on Thursday that he considers this procedure illegal and therefore his immunity has remained intact.

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