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Undocumented operations of the Dakar Autonomous Port Distribution Platform

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Cancellation operations of the distribution platform of the Dakar Autonomous Port

Implementing the Port Change Plan by 2023 is a key project calling for the participation of all stakeholders in the port to make the Port of Dakar a true logistics platform in Africa.

The success of this noble mission complies with a good investment policy, which incorporates in its operation the environmental requirements for a clean and flowing port.

In this context, the management of the operation of the Dakar Autonomous Port with the support of the port authorities and the UCG initiated a huge operation of evacuating the distribution platform during February 19 to February 21, 2021.

Keep in mind that the distribution platform has a storage capacity of 40,000 square meters on an area of ​​21 acres. It is located in Han Bel Bel Air.

These actions will play a significant role in improving the fluidity and movement of people and goods, without forgetting the safety and recovery of large platforms at the platform level.

During the launch of these operations, Operations Manager Amdo Racine DIA will state that:

The purpose of these actions includes first of all the abolition of the distribution platform. Because this action on a high civilian scale will allow the port to find a complete and lasting solution to the huge problem of ill health at the level of the distribution platform.

In addition, Mr. Dia believes that these actions will eventually make it possible to organize the anarchic parking of trucks on the platform.

It is clear that on the third day of the operation we were able to completely release and remove all the dirt stored on the platform. From now on it will be a question of organizing all the ports and values ​​at the platform level.

Also, these idle actions were supported by all stakeholders in the port (economic operators, carriers, police, UCG, a strategic partner of the port), who further welcomed this excellent initiative, insisting on follow-up. As such, the director of operations will say that there is an office responsible for supervising and regulating traffic within the platform under the supervision of the gendarmerie that will take care of all aspects.

For her sister, Mama Dykampa from the approved collection of companies for transporting and delivering containers, will say that:

“Since the arrival of CEO Abubaker Sadich Bey, we have been working hand in hand. He found a catastrophic situation, but he managed to bring a lot of innovations in the development of the Dakar Autonomous Port. We will never stop thanking him. We are ready to accompany him on future missions. The relationship between the port and the collective is honest, brothers that only happen for the development of our country. ”

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