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Wonder Woman 1984: An entertaining and not cynical, but embarrassing sequel, our review

Wonder Woman 1984 is finally available on French VoD platforms. We’ll tell you what we thought.

Having had a chance to find out The Amazon in SnyderCut’s Justice League Directed by Zack SnyderIt’s time to reunite with Diana Prince in her own movie, Wonder Woman 1984 Available today on-demand video, starting April 7 on DVD, Blu-Ray and steelbook. Continuation is expected to be greatly appreciated Wonder-woman, The box office hit takes us this time to a much more modern and colorful era: the 1980s. The Super Warrior is still active, but tries to keep it a secret while working as an anthropologist and archeologist for the Smithsonian Museum in Washington. Diana has lost some of her sincerity. She did choose a lonely life, still bereaved from the loss of her friends and especially from the death of his great love Steve Trevor, who continues to be a part of her life in her own way.

Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) at Wonder Woman 1984
Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) in the film Wonder Woman 1984 – Credit (s): The Warner Brothers

Barbara Minerva, on the other hand, is eager to meet new people, But is often ignored due to its embarrassing side and insecurity. Their resulting friendship will be undermined however by the discovery of an object that does not know its powers: the stone of dreams. A powerful object that gives the easiest wish, and which is especially coveted by the ambitious Max Lord, who does not hesitate to use his charms to achieve it. While the latter wants to be the stone itself, Barbara wants to be like Diana. The protagonist for her part thinks of only one thing, and finds Steve Trevor. This is where the problems begin.

Steve Trevor (Chris Oren) at the 1984 Wonder Woman
Steve Trevor (Chris Oren) in Wonder Woman 1984 – Crédit (s): DC Comics, Warner Bros.

Indeed not genius is the source of the stone, but a naughty and false king. Therefore any person who asks for a wish must give up something in return. For Diana, these are her powers. However Amazon will need all of its faculties if it stops Max Lord and prevents the world from going into utter chaos. The mission will get complicated as you arrive with the arrival of Cheetah, Barbara’s new identity. Diana finds herself torn between her desire to live an idyllic life based on a lie, or to help the world again.

Barbara Minerva (Kristen Wiig) and Max Lord (Pedro Pascal) in the 1984 film Wonder Woman
Barbara Minerva (Kristen Wiig) and Max Lord (Pedro Pascal) in Wonder Woman 1984 – Credit (s): Warner Bros.

Wonder Woman 1984 Found in almost its own world, a film washed down the kitschy and clichéd side of the series of the time. It’s above all what this suite seems to offer, a moment of escape inside Will be completely out of time. An even more tangible intention during the sequences centered on the couple founded by Diana and Steve, whose romance deserves a Hollywood movie and the look of the first opus. It is necessary to get some scenes as they are Put all our cynicism aside. Almost enchanted brackets, which nonetheless hit certain points in the plot. In fact, if we feel that the main purpose of Wonder Woman 1984 It makes us forget our daily lives, some issues remain very entrenched in our reality, like street harassment or poverty, and are lost. Some intentions are also not very clear, and one might wonder if Patti Jenkins Trying to elicit a response in a somewhat embarrassing way, or if the story goes wrong.

Diana Prince in Wonder Woman 1984
Diana Prince at Wonder Woman 1984 – Credit (s): Warner Bros.

And it’s a shame because the film deals with interesting questions like the concept of heroism and mourning. Diana, for example, enjoys the lie she lives thanks to the Dreamstone, loses sight of the consequences of her actions and extensively her responsibility as a superhero. Despite everything, some of the details remain very noticeable like the overall aesthetics of the film, the touch of humor and romance brought especially thanks to the return of Steve Trevor, the arrival of Cheetah, Diana’s new powers and the post’s surprise. Credits scene. Wonder Woman 1984 It may not be the splendor of the first episode, but it remains an entertaining blockbuster that guarantees an escape without cynicism. More good news is the data for Wonder Woman 1984 There were some when he was released on HBO Max that Wonder Woman 3 With Patti Jenkins and Gal Gadot Already verified by Warner.

Credit: Warner Brothers, DC Comics

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