Monday , September 26 2022

A full market where the emission LIVE! GAGI DOGS around the scene: the leader and audience was not a pheasant! (Video) Stars


Gaggy Djogani was a guest on the show on "Cooperative 2" when an unprecedented peh happened! Density fell in the middle of the scene!

While the manager reported Suzanna Provick Blondy, wishing her luck, he got up from the chair and headed for the crowd to get out soon, but he was caught and fell directly into the crowd.

Photo: Princarin

Everyone was neglected, and Woody could only speak;

"Gaggy just fell!"

They were all blind to the window, and then there was laughter, and Og just added that he hoped Gaga would feel good after the fall.

Look at that unexpected video clip that looks unexpected. / photo: Printscreen

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