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Belgium, England and Germany have justified the role of favorites, Austria and Spain threw a ticket

Review of the day (Thursday): Belgium, England and Germany justifying the role of favorites, Austria and Spain threw a ticket

Note: In the summer day section, Mozart Sport Portal users use the MOZZART bookstore information on the most important pairs on the same day, and on this basis they summarize what the outstanding types have passed, and who do not.

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Hungary – EstoniaType 1, odds 1.35) – Result 2: 0

The Hungarians had long fought for first place in the group, but their victory was needed tonight. They were able to justify the role of Latvia beloved to Turk for the last place in the group, meaning falling into the weak division of the League of Nations. One goal in this half brought them a routine win, but they are still not sure they will not be in the lowest ranking as the third weakest choice.

Greece – FinlandType 1, odds 2.10) – Score 1: 0

An end has come and applauded you, but the Greeks are not very pleased with the victory of the night. They needed a win of at least 2: 0 to eliminate Finland's advantage in the mutual duel and first place in the group. The Greeks began the debut of the new coach Anastasiades and took them after 24 minutes by Ottogol of Finland, but that was all. However, enough to pass the odds 2.10.

BELGIUM – ISLAND (Type 1, odds 1,18) – Two score: 0

As expected, Belgium captured the island in Brussels and was ranked first in Group 2 of the League of Nations 2-0. Both goals of the Red Devils are the work of Misia in Tesua, who is battling Valencia, however, he is best offended by the injured Romelo Lucacco & Thanks. In the middle of the second part, the host asked for a way to unlock the lock of Iceland, and after a strike of 65 minutes everything was easier.

ENGLESKA – USA (Type 1, odds 1.40) – Score 3: 0

Gordy Albion played almost perfect match over Wembley and cleared the United States (3: 0), which in addition raised the positive atmosphere in the football crib that runs from Mundial in Russia. The goals of Gordy Albion were C. Lindgard, Alexander Arnold and debutante Calloum Wilson. This game was wasted by the ideal warming of Gordon Albion for a match with Croatia, which will decide directly on the location of Division A Division.

Germany – Russia (Type 1, odds 1.25)The score is 3: 0

The best part of the German team in Germany in 2018. Only at the end of the year. And it is against this opponent does not belong to the upper house of world football. Although, what kind of guilt they suffered in recent months, the pansars should be encouraged by the edition of Leipzig, where they celebrated against Russia 3: 0 on the wings of youth and some new energy. Everything was solved in the first part, chasing Sean, Zola and Ganbury.


KAZAKHSTAN – LatviaType 1, odds 1.55) – Score 1: 1

With the signing that Georgia has already confirmed the first place in the group, Kazakhstan and Latvia today was not winning forever in their group, in Division D League of Nations. However, Kazahtsan was a favorite, and because of the quality, which was expected due to "pitch" due to the court. When they were taken in the final of the first half, it seemed that the host's victory was inevitable. However, they got the goal early in the second half, and at the end of the game, despite their great efforts and prospects, they failed to break the Latvian walls again.

Austria – BIH (Tip 1, odds 1.95) – Result 0: 0

Bosnia and Herzegovina promised promotion to the League of Nations' upper wing after defeating Ernest Hippel in Vienna with the local Austrian in a decisive game and eliminating any dilemma in Group 3 of the B & Of this competition (0: 0). Both choices created some good opportunities, but this was not an ideal evening for both players of the national team, which would eventually be more suitable for guests.

Croatia – SpainType 2, odds 1.95)Score 3: 2

What a game about Maksimir and what kind of red army of red rage for this "sixth" in Elche. Tin Yevda grew up in a hero who was going to play at any time with a simple set of circumstances. He was not Zelatko Dalić put on the left after the injuries of Josip Pivarić, he sought a solution to "patch" defense, saw the first handle Bayer from Leverkusen, and returned him in the best possible way that he left twice near the goal and another goal of David Hey and Croatia brought victory Dramatically, in the third moment of compensation. Comes, as the host was better.

Andorra – GurgaonType 2, odds 1.40) – Score 1: 1

George had already secured a seat in the CIA division even before one of the last four division teams, so the evening game with Andorn had done nothing, but for those who believed the guests would have justified the role of the unique favorite in this game. Jorge had seen the early goal of the Champs-Elysees, but managed to score a goal from the host's only goal in the framework of the goal that Jorg Lauria had set.

FLAMENGO – SANTOS (Type 1, the odds are 1.60) The score is 1: 0

The Rio de Janeiro club held second place in the Brazilian A table after defeating the visitors from Sao Paulo. Minimal, but just as you expected. The decision was made by the experienced striker Ence Enrique Duard, who entered the second half, and in the 73rd minute he lit the joys of Marakane stands and a five-game series without a win over the big opponent.

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