Saturday , October 23 2021

Coby reveals: Nataša Beckalac is a grateful customer


Ripper and producer Slobodan Veljkovic Coby It is valid for the most sought-after months, and October has been marked by its cooperation with Natasha at the Quelack On the track Small blue.

In an interview to the world, Kobi reveals that he did not expect cooperation with the blond pop star.

"I'm not happy with how it went Small blue And now we go on, we're making a new song. I'm not sure if I can talk anything, but it's crazy so far. Literally, I have not heard anything more crazy and sick about this song. Natasha got some new energy, and I like to adjust to other people instead of pushing myself to the front. Natasha is really an add-on, she, he said, is a thankful customer. I did not even think I would cooperate with her, but she invited me. I really did not hope for that connection. " He tells how his poems did not go as he expected.

"Honestly, I'm sorry that Stoya's chemical song did not change like Natasha, but it's because people here did not know what we wanted", Says Kobi.

Before Natshe he worked Teodor Dzhehverović – their duet Rari Has become a big hit, in which he collected the famous song from the beginning of this century, It works for me. "I can not compare Theodore and Natasha, each one brings his own energy and there is no comparison that is better, better or something else " He's honest.

Although many will think of themselves Doll Corelli i These are Bratt Competition, he denies it. "They are my brothers, there is no competition, my rappers always help and we are the strongest in the world, and with Rest, I'm on good terms, we know for ten years, Rasta will not care if I work with Ann Nicolitz if I can put the money. In my pocket, whatever it is, it will be a good and appropriate cooperation. " By Kobi.

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