Monday , January 24 2022

DARA BOBAMARA: Carlaeus and I have a top pair, Maya Brovitz is a wonderful girl


female singer Dara Bobamara The last Sunday filled the news columns for bachelors All Inclusive, But also quarrels with Vlad Georgiev, Where she once cooperated.

In a great interview for The Council, Bubamara revealed the moment she was born The split between it and the government And what was the reason for his frequent attacks.

"Vlado was working in Mark Kong's studio when he allowed him to make me a song, and later on, like, he stuck to the same songs, and in the TLZP program I had a great stand and gave me some strange comments, and then I threw him down and said, When did you do my song, when I let you be next to me? "I've never been to a woman like me because I work so much on my career, I'm trend number one … Lado is a classic drunk loser, I do not know when he hits the hit. I'll take it like dissatisfaction with his life and the need to cling to me because I'm popular, I just do not know where this alcoholic's audacity can get me in. " Bubamara is honest, who is currently preparing a new album, and sing one song with a voice – Yelena Karlosa.

"I have crazy energy and I will not stop, I'm announcing new pictures, songs and duets with Carlosa" Says and explains: "It's only when I say the two of us in a duet – it's already a boom, but imagine the place – everyone will fall out of jealousy, we have a good song, and it will be an abnormally good place."

Bobamara also supported the concert Maya Brovitz & Co. In the arena. Though she did not appear, her colleagues congratulated her on her success.

"Maya is a wonderful girl, and I gave her her support, both she and I. When I had to hold a concert at the stadium, she passed it on to me," Daru, you're doing it now, I will not see, A concert there somewhere in October "She's a really good girl, and unlike other singers, Maya respects me, and she progresses in a short time and seems to be working on herself and her performance … I'm guilty of not being at the concert, but I was in Kosovo, "He said. Darragh said, and on the other hand there were no nice words for Magin's associates, Bobo Corelli i His brother's brother.

"They bored all those bugs more, honey, I would not talk about them a lot, they are irrelevant." Short is Bubamara.

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