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EK – Valencia Cup Euroleague, Hope Partizan!


The Alba basketball players were able to win the finals
But they were stunned by the decisive battle over the evening trophy
And a place in Abrulegi.

Spanish Valencia defeated Alba 89:63 (17:18,
29:15, 17:11, 26:19) and thus won the fourth cup

In this way, Valencia also confirmed the position in the Euroleague
Paved the way for one of the clubs from Europe to provide a special one
Invitation to elite competition that Spain will not be able to get more
Of four representatives.

The show of La Fontaine tonight looked like everything, just not
The decisive game in the fight for the Eurocup trophy.

The host was so dominant that he was in the middle of a third
Quarterly, there was no question about each query
The end result of the game.

The most effective team in Valencia were Matt Thomas (19 pts, 3)
Fernando San Amaterio (18 points, 2 seconds, 2) and Boyan Dubljevic (18
P .; 8 seconds, 3).

Guests are only Roxas Giedraitis (19 p. 2 sec) and Peyton Gray
(14 pts, 3 pts, 4) obtained a two-digit pointer

Valencia played the 23rd in this season of Eurocup
Adjustments, and they were only succeeded using Zenit, Asvel, and
Alba. Partisan won twice in the new European Championship
And Star Red Star: s which he met in the usual and
Top 16 stages of competition.

Why in the evening when Valencia won the Eurocup and won
Location in Evroliga reminds Partizan?

It was about the previous days, but we'll go over it again. after
Such a farewell in the Eurocup was born as a leader
The Euroleague decides on one player in the next high
This season that Spain can not have five representatives.

How to Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Barcelona (license) Valencia
(The winner of the Eurocup) has been secured in the Euroleague final, best
The league's ranking team of the ACB League (which has not yet been provided
Participation) will not be able to play in the Euroleague.

Today we heard from Miško Ražnatović that there is a great chance that
A special Euroleague invitation will be sent to one of the ABA clubs
Of the league, and obviously they are defeated in the narrow round of candidates
At the end of the play, at the partisans' gate and in Sudvita.

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