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Hemophilia patients seek support


The Serbian Federation of Hemophilia will highlight the event marking World Hemophilia Day on April 17, the Red Bridge Bridge in Ada Siganliya, the Republika Srpska Building, the Palace of Albania and several other buildings in Belgrade that supported patients struggling with this disease.

Source: Tanjug

Photo: gelmold /

Photo: gelmold /

Dejan Petrovic, president of the board of the Hemophilia Association, noted that the situation in Serbia is much better than in the past, because modern diagnosis, medication and treatment are available at the expense of the Health Insurance Fund Republic for more than 900 people.

He noted that hemophilia is congenital, the most common hereditary disease that is transmitted from the mother to male children and represents a disorder of blood clotting. As stated in the Association's announcement, due to this shortage, they bleed infinitely more than those who do not have this deficiency.

Bleeding occurs in the joints, muscles and internal organs, and if the appropriate medication is not applied when the bleeding begins, it can happen that patients become unavailable in the early twenties, are wheelchair bound and require orthopedic interventions.

In Serbia, more than 900 suffer from blood clotting, of which about 170 children. Petrovich has paid special attention to the fact that the hemophilia drug does not yet exist and that what can be done right now for people with disabilities is to replace them with a factor that is lacking in blood clotting and preventing the onset of bleeding.

He pointed out that the importance of diagnosis is very important because it is a very rare disease with the frequency of one in 10,000 newborns, or one out of every 5,000 male infants.

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