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How, with whom and in what system against the planet?


Liverpool without Shakri: How, with whom and against what system against the stars?

After the official launch Jirgena bench That they do not count on Джердана Shakiri For the match against the Red Star tomorrow evening at the Ratico Mitic stadium in the fourth round of the Champions League, the question arises: Which team will be champion five times of Europe?

When all the extra football material is out of fear, ignore Shakiri This is good news for Red Planet. And every fan would admit it, but it would be a shame to express it aloud. The Swiss from Gnjilane was the best player of the game played Enfil two weeks ago. He practiced his soul on the Red Planet star, Gobeljić And the company could not even catch it in her hair, she'd completely disrupted it Of Milosevic. line and by many was the scorer of the game, even though he did not score a goal. bench He changed Liverpool's standard game system with him and moved from 4-3-3 to 4-2-3-1. U Shakiri There is a new option in the game, another dose of aggression in "gegenpresingu", although they challenged him when he decided to bring him Stoke this year.

The former Bayern player of Inter proved to be a big hit player who could change Liverpool's pace and style. He brought something new. Against the Red Witch he was further motivated. It seemed that he was shooting out of desire to cause red and white damage. Just like this year in Mundial game for Switzerland against Serbia. Obviously, Serbian teams also motivate him and then play the best football. However, on Marakana I really experience the stress from the stalls as never before in my career. It's hard for an avalanche of 50,000 fans to break it. Much stronger players will be squeezed under the pressure of Marakana.

In the end, it is better for everything that does not play in Belgrade: for Liverpool, for him, but also for the Red Star, because it will be difficult to find a solution for football Shakiri.

absence Shakiri, It is inevitable that they will bench He'll have to change the team compared to Enfield's. And probably the game system.

A more reasonable possibility is that it will be bench Return to normal 4-3-3 instead Shakiri Return to the first group of recovered James Milner, Which brings toughness, versatility and more protection qualities than Shakiri. Sa Milner This is a more defensive version than Enfildu, though bench Has already announced something like this between the lines during the season. Sa Shakiri Will try against weaker opponents at home in games with more offensive 4-2-3-1, while playing a more careful 4-3-3.

It also seems how difficult it is to roam bench Seeing Marakana. If he decides 4-3-3, it means that he takes a fairly serious look at the game in Belgrade and do not underestimate the Zvezda moment. He had already made a few compliments at Red and White's expense already on the eve of the game at Anfield, and that was an honest thought. It is therefore realistic to expect that he will respect the red star in Belgrade even more. It is normal to expect it to be a completely different game compared to that in Liverpool. This star played with huge support from the stalls is more difficult, brave and dangerous. Which will bring about this result, it has been another story. But the Red Star has managed to play on Marakana without a solution against the team playing the best football team – Napoli – and has the right to get a similar result against the European vice-champion.

If so bench, However, decides on a more offensive version than Enfield, and then the place Shakiri Should be expected land For Len Which in the first game came from the bench instead of Switzerland. To Lena There are also better playmaker capabilities Shakiri, But it is not in good condition. Belgrade could be a landmark for the season for the former midfielder of Southampton.

And there is also a third version. To play To Lena i Milner. But to get out of the team Fabinjo Who had been waiting for the opportunity for a long time bench, And then sanding into the starting line in recent weeks. Thanks to the injury of several players. In that case, I would Milner i To Lena Played a couple of replicated positions in the midfield. loaded bench Is a dilemma for one place in the middle of the field … Unlike the pair in Enfildu, he can now rely on recovered Nabieh Quito, But there is little chance of risking it. Maybe it was taken off the bench.

When it comes to attacking and defending, everything is clear. Or almost everything. They are expected again Mana, Salah i We broke up Inside the hole, with a stronger appeal bench A little rest of the Brazilian and give a chance StarDog. However, the three points planned in Belgrade are very important for him to gamble with things like he did Lotti When he left Martens i hammock On the bench.

The same line of defense is expected, although he recovered completely for a draw in Belgrade Des Lovren Who replaced the first game on the bench because he was just out of harm. And Gomez He took advantage of the opportunity in his absence Lovrena And formed a large stage partnership with Van Дайком, So it would be difficult for the Croatian to repeat the beginning of 11. But combined it's a link to Marakana. also A typical Who was not on the bench then.

bench In fact there are all available staff, not counting the more injured Oxley Čemberlena And a captain Henderson Who should recover soon from injury.

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