Monday , May 16 2022

Huawei remained in Serbia and did not move to Zagreb


The Chinese giant Huawei Was denounced for MONDO in writing "List of Vecernji"And in other Croatian media, quoted by news agency Tanjug as saying Huawei's office is reportedly moving from Belgrade to Zagreb.

Huawei Hazards submitted to MONDO and Mobit offices are fully delivered:

"Huawei remained in Serbia

Huawei in Serbia has been operating for more than 12 years, with headquarters for the Western Balkans. As the center of this part of Europe, our goal is to expand our business, open new jobs and employ a professional team.

So far, we have established cooperation with a large number of partners and our program is to further strengthen Serbia's position on the road of technological development.

We have built important foundations for further growth and development and have created excellent plans that we plan to implement in the coming years"He said.

We recall once again that the corporate headquarters of this part of the world has recently been transferred from one part of Belgrade to another, which includes many IT and communications companies in Belgrade.

Company Huawei has been working on processes of digitizing the company and improving the IT and communications infrastructure of Serbia, Which announced an investment of more than 150 million euros. also, Students from Serbia have been for several years and have the opportunity to practice professional practice at Huawei factories in China, Engaging in the research, development and production of various sectors of IT, Mobility and Telecommunications industries.

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