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Live: Jokić fills all the bars, the spars do not give up the game

Denver Basketball Nets meet San Antonio Spars in the seventh round, decisive, match the first round of the Western Conference playoffs.

Peter TadekSource: B92

Photo: Ronald Cortes / Getty

Photo: Ronald Cortes / Getty

Serbian basketball player Nicola Gick played a career game in the previous game, but it was not enough for the team from Colorado and Texans equal to 1-1 in the series.

Jokic finished with a career record of 43 points, but his teammates have failed and this will be the key to me in the seventh game.

West – First round of the gameYou

Bites – Spars 3: 3

14.4. Nagets – Books 96: 101 (0-1)
17.4 Nuggets – Spears 114: 105 (1-1)
19.4. Spar Nuggets 118: 108 (2: 1)
20.4. Spars – Negot 103: 117 (2-2)
24.4. Nuggets – Spears 108: 90 (3: 2)
You Fred Spar Nuggets 120: 103 (3-3)
Nuggets – Spears

If Marie, Heris, Milsap and others intervene and strike their shots, Nagetsi will be very close to the semi-final position of the West. Denver was a catastrophic three points in the sixth game, and if they found the strongest weapon, the Spurs would be hard to overcome.

NBA, game, the seventh game of the first roundYou

Nuggets – Spears (3-3)

The hallPepsi Center
Judges: Tony Brothers, Mark Davis and John Goebel

Nuggets: Heris, Jokic, Marie, Burton, Milsap, Maurice, Bizli, Plamli, Crag, Arnnagomas, Liles, Thomas, Venderbilt, Lydon.

Spar: Oldridge, Derosan, White, Forbes, Peltl, Gay, Bertens, Miles, Bellinelli, Walker, Fundexter, Montejunas, Kaningem.

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