Friday , May 14 2021

Microsoft Outlook for Android comes with long enhancements

Microsoft Outlook continues to dominate as the most popular e-mail client for Android and iOS platforms, and one of the main reasons for this is that Microsoft has significantly improved the implementation of the new updates.

This week Microsoft released another important update for Outlook, which comes to Android 3.0.67, and the biggest addition to the home screen.

With this update, users can add their inbox and calendar to the home screen, making it easier and faster to access e-mail and the following appointments.

When it comes to home screen, there are some additional features. Outlook now includes processed widgets for e-mail and calendars.

It also has the option to add 1 × 1 shortcut to specific e-mail invitations if the user has multiple orders.

It is expected that time will take some time until the latest Microsoft Outlook for Android reaches all users.

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