Sunday , June 26 2022

Milankovic’s transfer – Is this a message to the police


The Jovanjica affair is back in the public spotlight after the media wrote that the head of the Drug Enforcement Administration, Slobodan Milenkovic, who discovered the affair, would be transferred to the post of Superintendent of the War Crimes Department. Milenkovic’s legal representative Zdenko Tomanovic states that his dismissal will be “a humiliation of Serbia’s laws and institutions.” However, H1 reveals that Milenkovic will not be the first police officer to be transferred to another job after discovering a marijuana plantation near Inja.

The discovery two years ago of the largest marijuana production to date, resulting in two indictments supported by hundreds of substantial pieces of evidence, is set to be the career high of the head of the Department of Drug Abuse, Slobodan Milenkovic.

Instead, according to, Milenkovich was willing to transfer him to the War Crimes Department. The Superintendent himself does not declare himself on this matter.

His legal representative states in a written statement that the media campaign started by the first defendant with the help of a senior ruling party official is in progress, and that he was further approved by the state leadership, which accuses police inspectors of a surprise move.

“The evidence uncovered by Chief Milenkovich and his team of anti-drug fighters has become a political obstacle, so its removal, as reported, would be a humiliation of the laws and institutions of our country.” At the risk of his life, Mayor Milenkovic, along with Superintendent Mitik and a number of his colleagues, revealed the participation of senior state and security services in the case of Jubanjic, and his removal would be revenge for courage to enforce our country’s laws and protect the rule of law. “He’s lawyer Zdenko Tomanovich.

The President of Serbia, Alexander Vucic, says he knows nothing about the transfer of Superintendent Milenkovic and reiterates that Juvanic’s affair is being used against him as president.

“I have no idea if he’s moving or not, I met this man when Nevosa Stepanovich and Diana Herkelovich offered him a prize. I also handed it to him in person. I have no idea what he does, how he works, and how much he works. But it’s clear to me what. That you do, and especially those who are political mediators from different political parties, some of whom would like to be shut down by the Home Office, by the BIA, according to their political preferences. It does not have to be in the police or the BIA. ” Dedication, responsibility, seriousness must be the only criteria, “Wojciech said.

The indictment for Jubanjika would not even have existed if Milenkovic and other inspectors had not conducted an investigation under the radar, lawyer Ivan Ninich is convinced. He says that a psychological operation is being carried out against the inspectors in the case of Jubanjic in order to cause them destruction, and the story to reduce.

“The confrontation with Milenkovic is a confrontation caused by Jubanjika, but it is also a preventative action that should permanently show all police officers how they will proceed if they do alone if they independently perform some actions that do not pass the operational filter, and which are under the radar and whether they “Can cause damage to the government, as Jubanjika’s lawyers did,” Ninik said.

According to H1, the head of the Department of Suppression of Illegal Drug Trafficking will not be the first police officer transferred in the case of Juvanjika. According to our information, Superintendent Darko Jordevich, who wrote the reports in the case of Jovanjica dva, the indictment involving members of the BIA, VBA and MUP accused of logistically supporting an organized crime group, was transferred to war crimes. The department several months ago.

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