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MILIJANA WAS PROSTO! Milojko: It should have been money


Beauty from Pilatovic Milijan Bogdanovich (21) was a prostitute! It lives in the program Parov, exposed by her 53-year-old Pianik, Milojko Božić (74), claiming that she had to pay for sex because of her hard life!
You did not know which way all the millions went through life … it had to be for money – said the former accordion player, to which his young girl jumped half a century:
What are you talking about? You're not normal. I'm starting to hate you!

She squeezed her parents

The whole madness began when Milijana's mother, Sladjana Bogdanovich, joined the program and her daughter publicly gave up!
I do not have a daughter! Unnamed: I'll give it up! I'm sick of her, I will not survive it. Emergency assistance comes every day. Damn us! A woman came and took us a gun because Miliana was with her husband. Let's stop lying, do not worry about her, we bought her shoes for 24 thousand dinars. She always had big questions, she blackmailed us – Breathing she told her mother of this beauty, then added that her daughter is crazy if she thinks that Milojko has money:
He, brother, leave everything to the children, there is nothing! The girls who deal with this business as a millionaire and operate the guards have a car and an apartment, and she has no dog to bite her!

All this was confirmed by the aunt of Milian Svetlana, who entered the "couples" to reveal her cousin.
Your whole life mentally misreats your parents! From the age of 14 he hits the friends. That's why she was with the psychiatrist, but she courted him. He said she would not help her! You will not be surprised to see her here on a bunch of six!

The creator of giving politicians a constitution! New details spilled, Mihailo is not only a macro, here is who helped him!


Not Enough Money

Svetlana turned to the future rabbit, whom she called the patient.
Milojko, miserable, you have no money for her. She has a great appetite. Do not shout that you love her, you use her for popularity "Said Auntie," and then discovered that Millian was also in touch with the niece of Christmas!
She was with both of them at the same time. It's a disease – Svetlana said, to which the beauty of Pilatovich. Nodded affirmatively and added:
It was not a connection but a combination.

Miliana tried to justify her by bringing her guilt to her father.
My father bothered me psychologically and physically. He beat Mother and Grandma. How many times have I gone to school because it was chaos all night? He came home drunk and fake in taverns. At the age of 15 I was thrown out of the house. I understood how I could and I knew – said this participant "Parova".

HAOS in PAROVES! Milian's aunt was shocked when she entered the villa, robbed by Grandfather and beauty, did not know what had happened to them

Milijana: Milojko, I'll kill you!

The millionaire burst out of everything Milo told her about, and she threatened to kill him!
I'll kill you! I swear! I'll go to jail for you, "said this beauty, to which Grandpa shrugged only:
– Well, kill me, what can I do?

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