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NOVOSADJANI CONTINUES in CEV CUP: volleyball volleyers suffer second defeat of qualifying Šomon LŠ | Other sports


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November 13,

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The Serbian champion was arrested from elite competition. The French in both games are maximal

Among Vojvodina unfit in the group stage of the Champions League. The night In the third round of the third round in Spence, New Zealand lost to Schumon, the champions of France 3: 0 (23:25, 23:25, 17:25). In the first game, the French also celebrated with a maximum score and confirmed their position in Novi Sad.

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The coach's selectors Duško Nikolić played with many fans in front of their fans yesterday, they had an advantage in the opening group, but they also missed it, and at the dramatic end they did not have to finish it in their favor. It was similar in the second part of the game where the New Year was only able to catch the pace and reduce their opponent, but not to get the set.

Our champion did not forgive the international scene because the competition will continue in the CEV Cup.

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