Wednesday , March 3 2021

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Many people have been diagnosed with penicillin allergy during childhood. As a result, most doctors avoid taking it into therapy. However, scientists have proved that this is a big mistake.

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According to a recent study by Vanderbilt University, as many as 96 percent of patients diagnosed with penicillin sensitivity do not really have any drug allergy and this lifestyle is important. All doctors in the world should pay attention to this fact.

The main reason for the treatment of scientists who were in the study was the fact that most people with the so-called penicillin allergy reaction to this drug were found in early childhood by pediatricians. That means you will notice reactions such as drop-outs, islands, and the like. Immediately turn off the medicine and get into the diagnosis of penicillin allergy.

Although this response by the pediatrician sounds reasonable, one must ask why the patient does not immediately tell Alergist. Penicillin reactions are not life-threatening, and this drug saves millions of lives worldwide.

Even worse is the fact that people who avoid using penicillin during treatment can fall into serious health problems. According to data collected by the National Allergy Day Penicillin Group, patients with penicillin allergy use the drug by 63 percent more than patients who do not have an allergy. To be even more frightening, those who avoid penicillin can experience 10 percent more hospitalization, 30 percent more likely to experience enterococci drug resistance, 23 percent more likely to get clostridium and 14 are more likely to suffer from MRSA (staphylococci resistant).

Fortunately for us, scientists around the world have begun to discover the error and penicillin allergy is increasingly being tested using proven tests.

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