Tuesday , June 28 2022

Popovic on his hand carries an hour worth the apartment!


That is, Sasha recently went to the watch that glitters 40 thousand euros, and if you take into account that the average salary in Serbia is about 420 euros, it is not difficult to calculate that Popovic only "wears" about 95 the average salary Serbia on hand!


Sasha Popovic & # 39;

Of course, this is not the only time for him, and many claim there are many of them. And it is known that when Popovich was robbed by a house in March that a few hours were taken to the safe that the thieves took.

Miljana Kulic in love with a married colleague?


Popovic with his beautiful half …

The CEO of "Granada" is known as a man of "hands" and not surprised that every now and then he likes to respect prestigious things according to his position.

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