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REM: How Ratko & # 39; Love you to hate speech?


REM asked all participants in public dialogue, especially their former friends, to stop "being loud and easier to deal with things that are probably not sufficiently familiar."

In a statement on the occasion of Mladic's telephone involvement in the Hepi TV program and the recent statements of Gordana Suša and the media, which states that the independent regulator was forced to respond, REM said that Section 30 of the Electronic Communications Act, which Sša "nonchalantly named, to really know what it is,

"The regulator is in respect of the existence of a criminal offense, an economic offense and an offense, as well as their responsibility, relating to the final court ruling regarding the location of the defendants."


Therefore, REM, this article, regardless of the fact when it is implemented, and whether the decision was brought by our court or international, can not in any way apply to Ratko Mladic, for the simple reason that he was not convicted under the law of his appeal is in progress.

"The regulatory body of electronic communications has never received any request from the International Court of Justice in The Hague that seeks any kind of ban on the media treatment of defendants in the Hague," the statement said.

REM, as it stands out, responds only in cases where, in conversation with any defendant, for any crime, hate speech is used, calls crimes against humanity or killing of other peoples.

"How Ratko Ratko's dear wife can not be subdomed under something like this, the regulatory body for digital media did not have any legal basis to interfere with the coastal TV program," REM said in a statement.

Because of all of the above, REM again appeals to all participants in public dialogue to be updated, read the laws and understand the essence of the existence and work of the regulator, "before they go to give him lessons."

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