Thursday , May 19 2022 / RS / Fuel cheaper for 5-6 dinars


Thus, gasoline will fall from 158 to 152 dinars, and diesel fuel from 171 to 166 dinars. Due to the fall in global crude oil prices in the past two weeks, gasoline has fallen by 3 liters per liter, while diesel prices during that period fell by two dinars. According to experts, this trend will continue to expect that next week, gas and diesel fuel will be cheaper for another dinar per liter.

"The price of the barrel is $ 72, and it is clear that American sanctions did not lead Iran to a big leap in crude oil, so there will be no major disruptions in the oil market, so the oil companies that bought oil from which we sold gasoline in the next few days will be cheaper," she says. Journalist Jelica Putnikovic.

Because of large oscillators, the price of oil in the current year for citizens is an invisible reduction.

"How many times the price of oil falls, and it is only the first decline in gasoline.

"I think that somewhere somewhere is cheaper, instead of more expensive, I think it could be cheaper, it costs all the time"

"I'm not getting more expensive or cheaper, I buy for 1,000 dinars and I finish my job," say the citizens.

According to experts, a large fluctuation in the price of crude oil should not be until the end of the year, so there should be no expectation of price increases.

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