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Telekom Srbija and SES enabled a package of new satellite channels (direct-to-home) satellite


Telekom Srbija and SES enabled a package of new satellite channels (direct-to-home) satellite

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Telekom Srbija will provide viewers from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro access to the latest content to be broadcast from a central orbital position of 23.5 degrees east to SES. SES today announced that it has signed a multi-year contract with Telekom Srbija, Serbia's largest telecom operator, which means a large number of Astra satellite subscribers to launch Telekom Srbija's latest Direct-to-Home platform, In mid-December.

With the new DTH platform, Telekom Srbija will broadcast more than 150 channels, of which up to 30 will be broadcast in HD format. All public television channels in Serbia will also be available through this platform, allowing viewers to receive a wide selection of content available in the market. Additional channels will be available in the "Free to Air" proposal.

Viewers will enjoy new technological improvements in their homes. For this service, Telecom Srbija chose "set-top box" receivers with integrated signal decoding system, and for all those who do not have reception equipment, this platform will be available with the use of a small satellite antenna, 60 cm in size.

Telecom Serbia, a longtime SES partner since 2011, has replaced the whole package of SES satellites at 23.5 degrees East at the beginning of the year, ensuring that the content reaches the greatest number of viewers. From this position, SES provides service for nearly 2.9 million homes with a DTH platform in Europe.

"We are very pleased that together with SES we are launching a DTH platform of this great importance"Said Mariana Vukašinović, Head of Content Management Service at Telekom Srbija.

"The former Yugoslav countries are a dynamic growth market and have been the focus of SES in recent years.We are very pleased that we are in a position to strengthen our partnership with Srbija Telecom in this way, Said Martin Ornass-Kubacki, vice president of the sales sector for Central and Eastern Europe at SES Video. "Our orbital position of 23.5 degrees east is the fastest maritime position in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as the Benelux region, and therefore represents a position where many operators across Europe broadcast their content."

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