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The fourth attempt of extramarital fertilization on the Troika of the city of Belgrade


Couples who have three failed attempts at extramarital fertilization on the tribe of the future tribe can try to make their way to their parents as parents of the city, said the mayor of Belgrade, Zorn Radug.

Source: Tanjug

Illustration / Photography: Deposit / Yorkman

Illustration / Photography: Deposit / Yorkman

He's in favor Politico Explained that for this experiment, they can apply for up to 45 years, which have not operated until now, that is, partners citizens of Serbia living in Belgrade.

If everything goes according to plans, he added, this project, which is an entrepreneur, could have started already in the fall.

"If the number of newborns does not grow, we have a problem both as a non-closed state and as a nation," Radug said.

The mayor stressed that the construction of a new hospital "Tirova 2" is his professional project line project that motivates him both as mayor and doctor.

The development of a feasibility study and conceptual design of the hospital is in process, where will be determined how the hospital will look and how much capacity it will be.

"We need the best solution for the design and construction of Tirova 2, so Laliani will have the same conditions for obesity as their sisters abroad, and the hospital's new hospitals will be one of the most advanced in the region and will implement a new concept of lean," the mayor said.

Construction of a new hospital will take place in 2020, and if everything goes according to plan, the first malaria will be treated in 2022.

Mayor Radoji stressed that 2019 was a sign of child care. As one of the indicators, he noted that for the first time it is realistic that the list of exposures in place instead eliminates for children priority.

"It is realistic that the list of exceptions for the year has been canceled for children of working parents, students' children, wood and any other child in the family, as well as men in socially sensitive categories," he explained.

Two years ago, there were about 10,000 children in the area, while 2,700 Malaysians were on the list of the competition this year.

Reducing the list of eyebrows also contributes to the continued cooperation with the private sector. The city currently operates in conjunction with 353 private individuals registered, which is approximately 270 over four years ago.

"Now, about 17,500 children are in the private town, and 7.6 billion dinars have been allocated for this kind of assistance," Radug stressed, adding that the establishment of a new network of preschool institutions is now showing where there are great needs for new places and objects .

The new network is also used for cars in Belgrade, and the mayor says that it is not planned to go up or join the car, but the plan is to build a basic wheel at its opponent, as well as on flights.

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