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The inexhaustible background of the defeat in the villa! Lakic sure: Ivan Marinkovic is himself NANEO BREAK! EVO ZAŠTO! | Stars


Ivan Marinkovic & # 39; And George Tomitz Expressed strong guilt in the middle of the villa "Parova", and after that Bucky pulled out the thick edge in an attempt to prevent physical violence.

"I have no problem with Ivan, like many comments, I was attacked by Mizla because I met Ivana last night, I tried to calm him, and I did not say a word to Akik … Everyone here is responsible for their actions, I do not support violence, I did not stop either side, It's a fact that Marinkovic is looking for a beating, I'm sorry that Đole reacted like that, but God, I drew the thicker end because I was a fool who tried to restrain them, "Becky said.

On the other hand, Nikola Lakić, Marinković an enraged enemy forever, claims that all this was conceived, and here and why reason.

"I felt it," he began, indicating that he knew they would both come to a conclusion. "A few days ago I told Dulata to provoke him, Ivan was a target from the start."

"Ivan is ready for anything, believe me, I give him a hand that hurt himself this morning, hit himself in the dream, so that Dolate could be thrown later." Well, if he was really beaten up, he sat down in the corner, holding ice on his lips and silent, and he got up and woke everything up and said- "Well, who's next," says Lacik.

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