Monday , September 26 2022

The Oscar marathon was awarded the "Marathon BG", Mali participates in Athens


The most important recognition in the field of marathon and street races, "AIMS Social Award", was awarded to the "Marathon Belgrade" at the gala in Athens.

Source: B92, Tanjug

Photo: B92

Photo: B92

The award was accepted by the director of the Belgrade Marathon Dejan Nikoli.

"It is a great honor and privilege to receive a prize in Athens, a place where a marathon was built. The Belgrade Marathon attaches great importance to all marathon groups, and will continue in the future"Nicoli said.

So the head of the Serbian language program said "Thank you very much, Dean"And raised the ban on visitors from all over the world, and was highly recognized in the Belgrade Marathon for working with competitors with disabilities, but also for all other national initiatives.

The prize was established to encourage the realization of the Millennium Development Goals.

Members of the AIMS, the World Association of Marathon and the Ultimate Club, are 447 of the most important racing events from 117 countries, including the world's most famous marinas such as New York, Boston, Berlin, Beijing, Tokyo, Paris, Moscow and more. Many others.

The Belgrade Marathon has been a member of AIMS since 1990.

Photo: B92

Photo: B92

Sinia Mali, Serbia's finance minister, is taking part in the marathon race in Athens, which is on Sunday.

The first man in Serbia ran a 42km race, which he has been preparing for months.

It will be Mali's first marathon, which has so far played three half-marathon races in Belgrade, and finally broke the record.

Mali noted that there is a great challenge facing him and a struggle with himself, but also because he believes he is ready.

"This is a great challenge for me, because I participated in marathon and half races, which are double thefts of the marathon. However, as in life, I like new challenges because when you invest great energy, effort and dedication, the result must be good"Said Mali.

In addition to funding runners in the marathon, the Minister of Labor, the posts, army veterans and social policy will also participate in the event.

The marathon in Athens is on the program on Sunday, November 9. From 09.00.

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