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The premium does not mean the quality is pez and the most reliable, about Audi Hal and BMW


The company's market J. Power has released a traditional annual vehicle reliability analysis.



Meren is the number of problems that appeared on 100 vehicles, based on the response of 11,530 new vehicle owners registered in the UK from November 2015 to January 2018.

According to the results, the manufacturer of "cars approach" is particularly pronounced, and the best result was recorded by French Peugeot with 77 problems for 100 vehicles.

The second place was the code with 88, while the wooden place on the "stand wins" took South Korean Hyundai from 90.

Among the top ten most trusted brands, only one product Premium – Volvo, tenth place with 106 problems.

The most disappointing BMW Bavarian giant with a problem 181 on 100 vehicles, net "more reliable" than the Italian pride of the FIAT with 173.

At the bottom are the Audi, Jaguar, Land Rover and Mercedes Benz, and below the industry average of 119 problems per 100 vehicles are Toyota, Citroen, Renault and Mazda.

Interestingly, the Romanian Dacia behind the Seat, stood under Volkswagen with only one problem more than 100 cars.

We do not know how British research is objective, but it falls into the high position of Vauxhall, which is located in the property of Opala, which is part of the French PSA group since 2017.

It is true that the PSA, branded Pease and Citroen, is mentioned as a potential buyer of the Jaguar Land Rover.

What are your experiences with the brands mentioned?

J. Power consumption:
1. Paz and 77 problems in 100 vehicles
2. Code 88
3. Hyundai 90
4. Nissan 94
5. Suzuki 94
6. Opal / Vauxhall 95
7. Pey 101
8. MINI 103
10. Volvo 106
11. Honda 109
12. Volkswagen 113
13. Deutch 114
14. Session 117
15. Mazda 122
16. Renault 122
17. Citroen 126
19. Mercedes-Benz 136
20. Land Rover 142
21. Jaguar 159
22. Audi 167
23. Fiat 173
24. BMW 181

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