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These are the symptoms of a deadly grip that harms Serbia: doctors say it's a vaccine law!



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02/22/2019. 10:12

Cold-temperature disease kills cough bronchitis

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From the effects of the influenza virus in Serbia, 15 people have died since the beginning of the season, and 84,969 people with flu-like symptoms have been recorded, which is 10 percent more than in the same period last year. Last week, 15,732 people were registered, most of them young.

Unlike cold, where symptoms occur gradually one by one, the flu suddenly starts. Symptoms of flu, high temperature, dry cough, muscle aches and headaches usually last a week. If you have flu, you can get sick and sick within a few hours.

The flu takes only 48 hours to be a disease in your body from the moment of infection and may break the immune system.

Symptoms may start with a sore throat and sore, then rapidly progress in fever, fatigue and muscle pain. Their power is so strong that if you have the flu, you certainly will not be able to get out of bed for at least two or three days.

These are the symptoms:

– High temperature above 38 degrees

– A severe sore throat, as if you have a decoy

– malaksalost


– Abdominal pain


Pain in the eye

Breathing Breathing

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Professor Dr. arkarko Ranković, infectious disease, Notes that all patients with a temperature of two to three days do not fall below 38 degrees Celsius, and despite the use of antacids, which have breathing, cough stronger, feelings of choking or blood in the spleen, they should immediately report to the doctor.

Never take antibiotics yourself, but only antipyretics. And most importantly: the flu must be delayed for at least five days.

"The purpose of the virus is the lungs, so it is most important to retire for at least three days, as the flu, if it is not delayed, can have serious complications – pneumonia and bronchitis obstructive obstruction.I know symptomatic treatment, which, in addition to rest, including fluid replacement and drug use. When the anti-viral drugs are taken only at the doctor's recommendation, but the temperature should not be reduced to level 38, because this is a way for our organism to fight the virus, "explains Dr Dragan Milikovic, a general practitioner.

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Minister of Health Zaltibor Lunkar Says that in the next few weeks there will be an increase in the number of diseases, and visits to all hospitals and maternity hospitals are forbidden.

"Serbia suffered this year from the largest vaccination coverage in the last 10 years, which is one reason why it has had fewer deaths and deaths than countries in the region."

Dr. Zucker Rankowitz says that at this point, it is too late for vaccination, because we already have a lot of sick people.

"To gain immunity, it takes three weeks, those who are not vaccinated stay regularly ventilate the place, avoid a place where many people gather, regularly wash hands, drink enough fluids and eat healthy foods I recommend that during this time you eat what more vegetables from Turkey "Advises Dr. Rankovic.

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