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This is the leading cause of mortality among young people


The Republic

Goran Vesić

The event was attended by Belgrade Deputy Mayor Goran Visik, who thanked the Road Safety Agency and the Traffic Police for the campaign "You only have one trip" and stated that their work will not achieve the results that each year fewer people build on our roads. What we need to think about is also that it is not enough that we not only violate traffic regulations, Vesic said, addressing citizens, adding that it is necessary to be careful in traffic that a car accident can happen and not our fault.

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"We should also think about how young people are lost lives, because it is true that the biggest cause of mortality among young people is the rapid travel," said Vesic. He noted that one of the biggest problems in Belgrade is that when the streets are built, the first demands of citizens are to lie down at the levels, because they ride these streets as if they were an autophysic.

"Unfortunately, this is happening, and this is something that we have to work on, so I call on the Interior Ministry and everyone who can contribute to making the sanctions more expeditious and driving in an even more acute state, because there is no harsh punishment if we can save lives," he said.

He added that as a company where drivers have no sense for motorcyclists and cyclists, as well as a sense of how to keep themselves on the trip, we need to do a lot more to save lives. "A car accident is something that happens at the moment, a moment of neglect can change life not only for the people involved in the accident, but also for their families," Vesik said.

Let this day remember all those who lost their lives to remind others to be careful in movement not only to save their lives but also the lives of other people, said Vesic. V.d. The Director of the Serbian Road Safety Agency, Yasmina Milosevic, stressed that they want to raise awareness of civilians through the campaign and say that millions of people a year die on roads all over the world, millions of people are injured and tens of millions of families suffer and have permanent consequences of road accidents.

"Accidents in road accidents are the leading cause of death among young people, and there is no disease that takes many lives like a road accident once a year," Milosevic said. According to Milosevic, the Road Safety Agency in the Ministry of the Interior is carrying out a number of activities to reduce road accidents, Milosevic said. Because this year compared to the number of previous accidents.

"Seven percent less die, more than 1,000 people hurt less than in the previous year, we recorded a 20 percent drop in drivers and motorists, 20 percent of cyclists and cyclists, 17 percent less cyclists and fewer pedestrians," Milosevic said. & # 39; .
Igor Lazik Nigor, who is participating in the campaign "You Only Have One Way", admitted the confidence he expressed as part of the campaign and made a video that he said he hopes to change the awareness of all participants in the movement, whether they are drivers or pedestrians.

He noted that in 2007 he lost his father in a car accident and a friend and colleague in 1999 and noted that it is difficult to bear this trauma himself. "Not only victims have been killed, victims of families and victims who have lost their loved ones, life is changing and it is hard to fight it," said Nigor.

He noted that the song was written from the heart, he quoted some verses from the end of the song where death refers to: "I am here, I am waiting for you, on the right, high speed and curse, I do not say you are watching because your life is not mine. And when it rains. " The head of the traffic police department, Naboya Arsov, said that at the beginning of the year 476 people were killed and that an 18-year-old driver and driver were killed 33 years at a distance of 250 km, both landed on the road.

"One moment, in a flash, kills thousands of smiles, pours out the river of tears, erases all plans, respects the rules, saves lives and others and yours," said Arsov. The event dedicated to remember millions of people killed and traffic began, unlike in previous years, when honor is given to victims by a moment of silence, by releasing Igor Lazic Nigur of the song "You have only one way" and finished with honoring the victims by playing white balloons.

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