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Van der Sar: We willingly gave money to Tadic …


Ajax president Edwin Dan der Sar spoke in an interview with The Guardian about the politics of clubs, programs and players.

Edwin van der Sar

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Ajax can boast one of the most successful seasons so far. This is because young, talented players like David Ners, Frenki de Jong and Matthias de Litt greatly develop in Amsterdam, which has aroused the interest of many European clubs.

"We picked Andrea Onana, Dona Day de Becca, Matthias de Lichot, Frankie de Jong, Justin Clybert, Caspar Dolberg and David Ners. We showed them a video in which each of them was compared to one legend of the club, which played the same position. In my opinion, it was very inspiring. We wanted to tell them: winnings, enjoy playing football here, and then you can go", he mentioned Van der Sar He added:

"Crucial to staying talented players are the qualifications for European competition. The Dutch League is not interesting enough for players"He said.

Last season Ajax finished second in the home championship, which brought him to LŠ, and the club left only the first-class players from Clybert, who brought the Romans 17.25 million euros.

On the other hand, two "extraordinary reinforcements" arrived in Amsterdam, a portal "Transfermarkt" – a 29-day-old blind for $ 16 million from Manchester United and his colleague Dusan Tadic for $ 11.4 million from Southampton.

"We gave some money and refused to older players and we thought it could create problems for youth, but we learned from the experience we had in 1995 when we won the Champions League. So we had a talented young team with Edgar David, Clarence Sadoff, Mark Overmars, Franco and Ronaldo de Bauer and Patrick Cleibert, but there were also Frank Reggarde and Danny Blind, who played the World Championships and won the Champions League"He said.

Ajax drew special attention to his European elite competition – at the group stage he managed to play twice with Bayern Munich, while Real Madrid Juventus kicked out another competition at the elimination stage, although these clubs are immeasurably stronger than Dutch.

"The law on television brings us about eight, nine million. In addition, we have sponsors for jerseys, but it can not be measured with major leagues. In the first place, we want to be a club that builds players giving them the opportunity to show in professional water what they can"He said.

The former goalkeeper does not see the fact that players leave immediately after being built, as problematic.

"Everything is fine until they serve the club for three years, they have good performance and play a nice football. After that they can go. In order to give the talents of our youth an opportunity, we need to release the necessary places in the first group. If we can not do that, young players will collapse"He said.

As an example of what he is talking about, 48-year-old Van de Beka said:When we learned that Davey Claasen would leave us, we prepared Donnie van de Beek to come to him. What our challenge is to make changes in the hope that a young player will be better. Sometimes it is possible, and sometimes it is not"He said.

In the summer of 2017, Kelsen went to Everton for 27 million euros, to increase Werder from Bremen by $ 13.5 million. Van De Beck, after Kelsen's departure, developed into a large player whose market value from 4 million jumped to 25.

"We know that young people in big clubs do not have enough room for further progress, and that's what we're giving them here"He said.

De Jong decided last year not to move to Tottenham, so he could move forward to Ajax. 21-year-old will travel to Barcelona at the end of the season at least 75 million euros. Due to the great interest of the top clubs for his teammates, it is possible that more players will soon leave Amsterdam.

"My goal is not to sell many players, so stay competitive and repeat this success next season. No player like Frankie. But, we are preparing for the future. We signed a contract with the promised Romanian Razvan Marin. Of course, the game will not be the same, but this is always the case when it comes to big players. See Real Madrid, one player has gone and they are no longer the same team"He said.

In addition to Marina, Ajax secured reinforcements in the form of a kick kick Pirius from Herenven, while goalkeeper Kjel Sherpen arrives at the coach.

Ajax and Tottenham will score on Tuesday at 21:00.

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