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A big military exercise "Victory Day" to mark Serbia's 100th anniversary of the victory of World War I tomorrow is evidence that you have an army that deserves to be relied upon, said Defense Minister Alexander Volyn.

A Cukic

Wolin said that the last exercises to compare Victory Day were the Freedom and Ahdut exercises held in 1971 and 1975.

– Since then, no one dared, or can not show such a power such an organization – said Minister Vulin in RTS Dnevnik.

His skills, in a shooting exercise of combat, will see 8,000 active members of the Armed Forces of Serbia, reminds Llewellyn, and says they do not call themselves reserves.

Civilians will be able to see 645 combat vehicles: 100 M-84 tanks, 100 infantry vehicles, 100 artillery and various weapons.

The river fleet will be shown with 14 boats, 40 boat boats, and eight amphibians. They will fly 24 aircraft – "MIGs", "Eagles", "gulls", helicopters.

"Due to such a large number of troops and funds, the number of killings has increased, instead of 103 tons, we will use 125 tons," said Volyn.

Will show pride of the Serbian defense industry – "kazari" which was used by the Serbian army, "crazy", "small reserves," said Volin.

Citizens will also recognize the work of Kubri, in the defense of the high statesman.

– Cobras are the elite unit in charge of ensuring top state officials, but not just for that. We wanted to show what kind of Cobra is at work, that the public sees that they are not only there to protect someone, but about an anti-terrorist unit, who treat every citizen and can respond to any terrorist threat. They keep everything and everyone in the country, Volin explained.

The main advantage of the exercise is that, according to the minister, the units will be presented exactly as they are.

"We did not create an integrated unit, we did not send a special brigade to play infantry … Everyone is working in peace exactly what he would have done in the war," Wolin said.

Speaking of the situation in the Serbian army, Volyn said she was intensely armed with equipment.

– More than ever, the army cares for its members, their future and their families. When you enter the army, from the first day to the last day of your life, you are part of it and we take care of you – said the defense minister.

At the initiative of the President and the head of the armed forces of Serbia, Alexander Vecchik, began to build more than 8,000 apartments, Volyn recalled, adding that there is a 10% increase in wages, and now it will be nine percent.

They also increased their daily allowance from 800 to 1,100 dinars, as well as solid support for the birth of a child and in case of illness.

"And this exercise is proof that you have an army worth relying on, to join," Wolin said.

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